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Hello world!

8 Apr


Well, I can’t believe I have this blog and it has been sitting here untouched for an entire year.  What a shame!  What better time to start living it up on my blog then right now.  So I am working out the kinks and trying to get my work space cleaned.  My room is a mess and I feel so claustrophobic in my own house.  I decided that’s why I can’t get anything done.  I am just too uncomfortable in my own home.  Ok, that’s not fully true.  My room is so nice and cozy.  Its decorated how I wanted for the most part.  We still don’t have a bed frame though. And I personally think we need a new bed.  But money is tight and we have other things that we are planning for.  Hopefully, with Mykes new job we can get a good deal.  I am dreaming of a good nights rest on a nice firm but fluffy bed.  UNtil I have time to take pics of my room to show you what thats like, here is a drawing I did back in High School…





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