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Apartment Therapy

6 Oct

Here’s my room!20121005-154324.jpg

I love the website I normally browse a couple times a week. I love to look at all the house tours most of all. I noticed last week that they were doing a room for color contest. I figure, my whole house is a work in progress. That’s no reason to not enter! You see, half my house is in boxes. I was suppose to move to Santa Monica in June, then July and now it’s October. I’m still in Vegas though. Such is life. Always pressing forward, because life is a work in progress. Nothing is perfect. Nobody is perfect. Nobody will ever be perfect here. Plus, change is inevitable.

Anyways, I spend a good amount of time cleaning up my room. I had to move a bunch of boxes into the hallway. I staged my bookshelves, because most of the books are packed. I even unpacked a few pictures and hung things onto the walls. I did not feel like it was ready for a photo shoot, but I still tried to get it as picture, perfect as possible.

You can check out my room and vote for me here. I hope you like me room. It may not be picture perfect, but it’s a good combination of my boyfriend and myself.


The hardest part of this whole photo shoot was trying to decide what pictures to use for my submission. I probably could have used a second opinion.

What do you think? What’s your room like? What color combinations are inspiring you? I use to live in Seattle and sometimes I feel like I brought Seattle to Vegas in my bedroom.


My desk is a mess

6 Mar

Update with a picture


I need help!! My Desk is a mess and has been for months. I am so sick and tired of cleaning up and feeling like I am getting no where. Everyday, there is more junk in my house for me to decide to keep, throw away, donate or recycle. I have to say that I am having a harder time doing the recycling, then I would like to admit. I do try and recycle other things in other ways. For instance, I made my own file box out of a box from costco. I will post a tutorial on it in the next couple of days. It was really easy. Only took 2 hour and is uber cute. Plus it was practically free. I only paid for the mod podge. Next time I will be making wheat glue instead. I never knew about it until my extra hippy sissy told me about it. More pictures to follow soon. Have a good night and dont stay up too late. Your health is the most important thing.

Here are some close ups of stuff in my desk area……..




plus random photos of things in the bedroom….


Zoe drew this picture for me. I love my children’s art. It’s the Best!

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