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Ive been too long gone!!!!

25 Jan

Well, its been a crazy last couple of months.  I helped my mom pack and move.  Then,  I too had to move sooner then expected.  I had to redo my whole computer as well because it wasn’t working properly.  I see it as a blessing. I finally went through all of my pictures.  I have not done this in 3 years.  It took me hours.  I ended up deleting over 7,000 photos and kept 2,000. Ive been doing a lot of getting rid of things from the past that no longer serve me.  I have rid my life of things that I want no ties to or memories of anymore.  It feels so good!!!  I recommend that everyone do it more often then!!!! 3 years is way too long.  At least it is for me.  Anyways, I have been learning to trust myself more.  Always go with your first instinct with everything.  Your body knows whats right.  Deny it and its no good.  I know from a ton of personal experience!

Breathe in

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