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My desk is a mess

6 Mar

Update with a picture


I need help!! My Desk is a mess and has been for months. I am so sick and tired of cleaning up and feeling like I am getting no where. Everyday, there is more junk in my house for me to decide to keep, throw away, donate or recycle. I have to say that I am having a harder time doing the recycling, then I would like to admit. I do try and recycle other things in other ways. For instance, I made my own file box out of a box from costco. I will post a tutorial on it in the next couple of days. It was really easy. Only took 2 hour and is uber cute. Plus it was practically free. I only paid for the mod podge. Next time I will be making wheat glue instead. I never knew about it until my extra hippy sissy told me about it. More pictures to follow soon. Have a good night and dont stay up too late. Your health is the most important thing.

Here are some close ups of stuff in my desk area……..




plus random photos of things in the bedroom….


Zoe drew this picture for me. I love my children’s art. It’s the Best!



6 Mar

I started this blog, or rather attempted to start this blog, at least 5 months ago. A lot has happened in my life in such a short amount of time. It has been a really hard, trying, enlightening time. But still i fight and i whether the storm…….and in this time mass trial and error i have managed to make some rather delicious batches of cookies and cakes. Some of which I will never be able to repeat again :( BAD HABIT of not writing down recipes of bookmarking enough!!!!! I am learning. It takes so much work just to get ready to blog about baking and taking pics as I go……MY oh MY so many bloggers have made it look so easy. When I am able to get a little more organized I will post some pictures. I am wishing for a very productive year…….


Driving to work in the am on a beautiful, sunny, springtime morning. I love my shades!!!! They make me laugh. Plus they were $6 at Big Lots. Love that store!!!! I love getting a good deal even more.. I am always out to get a good deal. I have expensive taste and I am far from rich. Besides I am a single mother doing it mostly on her own. I am so thankful for my wonderful boyfriend, mother and great friends. I wouldnt be able to do it without all of you in my life. NO matter how big or small of a part you play, you are all very important to me, my sanity and happiness. I know they say that you are in charge of the way you feel and respond to situations. I just helps having others around who always seem to put you in a good mood no matter how frustrating and pissed off I am. You guys are always there to cheer me up. I can count on that for sure. I love you Burger crew :)


If we all worked together…

6 Mar

If we all worked together on our DREAMS, we would Create such MAGICAL THINGS.
-Erin Allred

Sunday Lazy Sunday

5 Mar

Sometimes, on Sunday, I just can’t get it together. I am far from perfect, even though I’m a perfectionist striving for perfection. It just takes so much work. Plus, my weekend routine is kinda a mess. It’s days like this that I lounge around and don’t apply any makeup to my face whatsoever. Besides, I’m not planning on leaving my house. But as you will see, I’m always comfy casual at home.

Cherry hoodie found at thrift store for $2.

20120304-192518.jpg Wearing a Victoria secret house coat or rob as you say in the USA. I bought it in January so it was 1/2 price. My slippers were a gift from my sister at Christmas and they are already getting holes.

Super Simple Peach Cake

5 Mar


In tribute to a Shiny Star

This desert is really simple and super easy. Its really Yummy too! My cousin use to make it when i still lived in Utah. Years later in Wa, my mom had received the recipe from Jacquie. Ive been making it ever since. This time I added walnuts for added texture and nutrition ;) I hope you all like it. This ones for you Jacquie.
Love you and miss you


2 15oz cans of Peaches
1/2 package of cake mix of your choice
3/4 cup chopped walnuts
2 tbsp oil

Open cans and strain out liquid. Then pour peaches into a 9X13 cake pan. I chopped the walnuts myself and reserved 1/4 c. Now, mix 1/2 cup of walnuts with 1/2 of the cake mix. Pour the dry mixture onto the peaches. Sprinkle the remaining 1/4 c. walnuts on top and drizzle with oil.

Bake 350 F oven for 40-55 min. Or until browned on top.

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