Happy Birthday Ava!

1 Nov


Happy Birthday Ava! I can’t believe your 7. Where has all the time gone. It seems like yesterday, you were the baby I could never put down. For 4 months I had to carry you around in a sling. If I dared to put you down for a minute, you would wake up crying. I could barely shower.

Now, your learning so much. You do almost everything your self. You get dressed by yourself and do your own hair. You even cut your own nails. Your such a great helper. You always want to help me cook and clean. Thank-you for being wonderful you!

Your first time going to Disneyland. Love your hair. You’d just given yourself a mullet! I wish I had more photos to put on here of you when you were little. They are all packed or on disks. I haven’t printed pictures in 6 years, which is a little crazy.

Camping in the great northwest.



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