My kids are growing up

24 Oct


My youngest daughter is almost 7. Her birthday is on November 1st. It seems like yesterday, that she was just a tiny baby. She’s in grade 1 and reading and writing, better then I remember doing at her age.

Times have sure changed. We teach our children to read and write at earlier ages. We teach them to us computers, iPhones, the Xbox etc. practically from birth. I graduated from high school 12 years ago and barely learned to type then. I can’t imagine how far advanced they will be from me, as they continue to grow and advance, in this technologically based world we live in.

Zoe loves to wear high heels.

My oldest daughter is 10. She is now up to my nose. Her feet are bigger then mine. Very soon, she will tower over me. I wish I could slow down the eternal, ticking, clock. That is not the case. I must embrace the change. We are forever evolving and growing, while dying, day by day. I hope that I may teach my children all that I know. I want them to learn from my mistakes, so that they will not have to endure many of the hardships, bestowed upon me. That being said, I enjoy watching them grow and develop their own skills and talents.

Zoe has an innate dancing ability, that I could only hope to possess. You should see her play Dance Central on the xbox Kinect. She’s amazing. Her math skills are way above mine, as well.

Then there is Ava. She has an innate artistic ability, that I know is party due to my own artistic and creative expressions. She’s amazing with animals as well. Never before had I witnessed a child of 9 months pet and cuddle a dog or cat instantly. There was never any excited hitting and hair pulling from her.

Hanging out at Target. Trying on shoes just for the fun of it.



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