Happiness is…

15 Oct

Lately I’ve been reading Deepak Chopras “The Book of Secrets”. I’m about half way through the book and it has been helping me a lot in my life. We really do live in an amazing time in this world. The advancement of technology is incredible. We have the availability to connect with people we may never met. Many of these people have helped me greatly. I am always learning so much from their teaching.

We are all connected to one another. We need to be open and available to all the possibilities in which our dreams can manifest. Be clear with your intent. We need to lead in love. Don’t act in fear. Let the feeling dissipate and then feel what you have after it is gone. Then act in love. Love yourself. Be happy. Happiness is already inside of each and everyone of us. The choice is yours. Do you want to create the life you hate or love?

We are all creative beings, made in the image of god. We have the ability to create just like him. Anything we Dream and Believe is possible. What you seek, you shall find. We are as God is. So, decide who you want to be and go be it!

What are you going to create today?


Try and believe pushing for what you need to succeed. Never give up. Hold true to you. Trust yourself in all that you do. Trust your instincts to bring your dreams to reality. Most of all live a life of love. Love is the way. You only have today. Right here, right now! You must be aware.


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