Apartment Therapy

6 Oct

Here’s my room!20121005-154324.jpg

I love the website apartmenttherapy.com. I normally browse a couple times a week. I love to look at all the house tours most of all. I noticed last week that they were doing a room for color contest. I figure, my whole house is a work in progress. That’s no reason to not enter! You see, half my house is in boxes. I was suppose to move to Santa Monica in June, then July and now it’s October. I’m still in Vegas though. Such is life. Always pressing forward, because life is a work in progress. Nothing is perfect. Nobody is perfect. Nobody will ever be perfect here. Plus, change is inevitable.

Anyways, I spend a good amount of time cleaning up my room. I had to move a bunch of boxes into the hallway. I staged my bookshelves, because most of the books are packed. I even unpacked a few pictures and hung things onto the walls. I did not feel like it was ready for a photo shoot, but I still tried to get it as picture, perfect as possible.

You can check out my room and vote for me here. I hope you like me room. It may not be picture perfect, but it’s a good combination of my boyfriend and myself.


The hardest part of this whole photo shoot was trying to decide what pictures to use for my submission. I probably could have used a second opinion.

What do you think? What’s your room like? What color combinations are inspiring you? I use to live in Seattle and sometimes I feel like I brought Seattle to Vegas in my bedroom.


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