DIY Pom Poms

18 Sep


I’ve been seeing a lot of cute rooms with Pom poms lately. Mostly, thanks to pinterest. I decided I should make some for my daughters bedrooms, to put above their beds. My daughter and I set out to buy all the things we would need. Tissue paper from the Dollar Store, Joann’s Fabrics for the floral wire and Sport Chalet for some fishing line. I already had scissors and tacks to hang them from the ceiling.


I used two different methods for making the Pom poms. I first tried this way. Then I searched a little more and found another great tutorial here that I absolutely loved. I made a combination of the two with different colors and sizes. I had a lot to fun making these. Each time I was done I would run upstairs to my daughters room to hang one and run downstairs to make another. It took me about 3 hours in all to make 26 Pom poms of various sizes and layers. Some had 5,7,8 or 9. This time does include, running upstairs, deciding where to hang and sometimes rearranging.


I really can’t get over how cute they look. I’m loving these Pom poms. Such an easy way to cheer up a girls room .  On another note, don’t mind the awful paintings on the wall.  We are renting and I can’t paint over them.  My daughter and myself, really wish we could.


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